Jamalison Winter Gayle

2007 - 2014 - PEDIGREE

Jamalison Winter Gayle 26.11.2008 - 17.6.14

On Saturday 14th June Gayle had a bath and thorough groom,  including having her claws clipped, so we know it wasn't there on the Saturday afternoon.  On Monday 16th June  Gayle was eating her dinner as normal.  Watching the dogs as she and Melody eat together and pottering about getting our own dinner ready,  we noticed Gayle was resting her back nearside  hind leg,  which was shaking just a little.  Jenny ran her hand down the leg and felt the lump.  Her exact words are unprintable,  but along the lines of "Oh .... I know what that is".  Gayle was x-rayed on Tuesday morning under sedation with Jenny present whilst she was sedated.  The x-ray showed an aggressive osteo-carcoma and whilst Gayle had shown no other signs of illness, eg: lameness, cough (suggesting lung metasteses) the decision was taken jointly with the Vet, to let Gayle be put to sleep there and then.  She was cremated and her ashes scattered, at home on the field on which she loved to run.

Loosing a family pet is always heartbreaking and as we had lost her Mother (Greyflax Mystic to Jamalison)  aged nearly ten at the end of April, all the more difficult.  We both gain comfort from the fact that all our Deerhounds live as part of the family and have never been abused or wanted for anything.

Gayle was not really a show dog, but  when Jenny's Mum was ill and were were heavily involved in her care, Gayle came with us to the nursing home.  The residents of the nursing home loved having a dog visit and Gayle just loved all the fuss she received.  Gayle also became quite a star at a few schools.  At around 13 years old, part of the  school curriculum includes researching a subject you know nothing about and presenting a small talk to teachers and class mates. "The Deerhound" with Gayle making a number of appearances as a prop ! (with all the relevant permissions and Health and Safety considerations) was always very popular with Staff and Pupils alike.

Run free Gayle. 


Picture shows Jamalison Winter Gayle winning Reserve Best Puppy in Show at South West Hound 2008 under Jan Pain.