Geoff and I have both had dogs/cats and horses all our lives. On a social visit to our last Airedale dog’s breeders, we met our first deerhound and fell in love with the breed. We did the homework, got the books, went to Crufts and dreamed. Granville the Airedale died aged 13 years and our house was quiet. I have always said it’s one thing talking to the dog another thing altogether talking to the ironing board ! We went to visit Nic and Glen Bailey and Tiffanie took one look at Geoff, lay down beside him, put her head on his lap and would not move – she would let him have one of her puppies. Greyflax Lancelot arrived. Known as Dougal at home we were hooked. Dougal is a real gentleman, very nosy and the most prolific thief we have ever met.
We had not planned to show, but as I was just giving up competitive dressage there was a gap. We started to show Dougal and much to our surprise did quite well. Dougal has taught us so much and we have made so many lovely friends.
We have another male and added Greyflax Mystic to the Jamalison Hounds in 2004. Jenny and Geoff Grimshaw