Greyflax Mystic to Jamalison 7th July 2004 - 24th April 2014

“Myssy Moo Moo”, “Baggage” and just occasionally “Mystic Grimshaw” was put to sleep after a short illness, at home, with dignity and no pain, on the afternoon of Thursday 24th April 2014.

Myssy was our third deerhound and our first bitch. From day one she stole our hearts with her funny ways. In charge from the day she arrived. Dougal (Greyflax Lancelot, Bobby (Modhish Bobby Greyfriars) and Dilys our Jack Russell were her friends. As she grew up she loved nothing better than going out for a run with the other dogs and was always the winner. She was so fast it was breathtaking to watch.

Mystic had two litters and we still have a daughter from her at home, now aged 10. Mystic was very special and we will miss her.